Hello, and welcome to my site. Here’s a little bit about me, and how I ended up in London.

I was born in Nuneaton in 1982. I attended Higham Lane Secondary School before moving on to North Warwickshire and Hinckley College to study Media Production. After an unsuccessful first year I went to work and for 6 years I worked in various industries including retail, manufacturing, publishing distribution, chemical quality control, and events promotion. In 2005 I decided to pursue a career in multimedia and embarked on a path to university via an intensive course in Sound Engineering and Digital Music Production at Glasshouse Productions (Black Rose Studios) in Coventry. This qualification earned me an acceptance from Oxford Brookes University.

I relocated to Oxford in 2006 to study Sound Technology and Digital Music and graduated in 2010, with honours. In my final year I specialised in ambient surround sound recording. During my time at university, I worked as an audio visual salesperson and installer for a local retailer. I continued in this role until 2012 when I secured employment in London at a prestigious academy as the Head of Media Services. In this role I honed my skills as a multimedia producer and trainer. After two years at the academy, left to and started work for one of the top audio visual communication companies in the UK, as an Audio Visual Engineer. I continue this employment today.

My primary goal is to develop my skills to pursue a specialisation in designing and commissioning large corporate integrated audio visual and control systems.